Our Features

No pens or ink needed

write with any hard objects

Display without electricity

No power needed to maintain the display (only erasing needs power)

One-click erasing

easy, simple, convenient, repeatedly erase up to 100000 times

High contrast

the true paper-writing experience with high brightness and high contrast writing on board 

Smart storage

save the writing into PDF and share to mobile phones, computers, iPad, etc

Synchronous sharing

Simultaneously share your writing real time with other people


Avoid the chalk dusts and throw away dry erase markers

  • The classrooms are polluted by the flying chalk dusts, which brings a lot of harm to the teacher and student’s health.

  • Dry erase markers are easy to dry, and always worry to be replaced;

  • Both the blackboard and the white board are difficult to erase or erasing is not clean......

  • Now, the liquid crystal film writing board help you to solve all those problems. Be healthy and environmental friendly.


Proprietary Technology: Patent protected

WICUE writing board with high brightness writing technology was developed by Dr. Fenghua Li who graduated from Liquid Crystal Institute in Kent State University (USA).


Liquid Crystal and Polymer Mixture Formula

WicueBright™ is special mixture formula independently developed by Wicue team which is a technology breakthrough to bring high brigtness and high contrast to the e-Writing board. WicueBright is worldwide patent protected. WicueErase™ is another patent protected technology developed by Wicue team. By WicuErase technology, users can erase partial content on the e-Writing Board. This make the e-Writing Board truely adaptable to the big market.


Automatic roll-to-roll liquid crystal film production line

Wicue developed the automatic roll-to-roll liquid crystal film production equipment that can produce world's widest LCD writing film. It represents the company's leading technical and engineering strength, and position the company to be the most capable supplier for large size liquid crystal writing boards.


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