About Us


Dr. Fenghua Li, founder and chairman of Wicue, Inc.

Dr. Fenghua Li obtained his PhD degree from Liquid Crystal Institution, Kent State University. He's expert on liquid crystal (LC) related technology, including the LC e-writing product, formulation and production. In Janurary 2016, Dr. Li have first invented selective erasing (WicueEraseTM) which is critically required for large size e-writing board, and this set new standard for eWriting board industry. Dr. Li founded Wicue in 2014 and now Wicue is with world class wide liquid crystal film production equipment for eWriting board, and with unique liquid crystal and polymer formula to prvide high brightness writing and viewing experience. Dr. Li and Wicue had been granted with international patents for their technologies.

Core Culture

  • Business Purpose: To create value for customers, be responsible for the community

  • Business Philosophy: Quality, Value, Services

  • Core Values: Honesty, Responsibility, Innovation, Excellence, Cooperation and Sharing.

  • Talent concept: Talents are the most valuable resources for enterprises
    Respect, care and treasure talents.

Our Vision

Improve communications, improve human life by eWriting technlogy.

Continue to be the leader in liquid crystal eWrting product market, continue to develop breakthrough technologies, continue to bring high quality product and solution to the community. To develop the best product to help people to bring up ideas, sharpen the ideas and exchange ideas.