Question: Can I erase just a portion of the writing surface?

Answer: Most of the 32", 45" and 55" Wicue e-writing boards support portional erasing function. Please check details for individual product.

Question: Are the products safe for use by young children?

Answer: Our products are all compliance to worldwide safety regulation. Please feel free to give them to your children.

Question: Can the products be used outdoor?

Answer: We recommend to use ththe e product in door. Not recommend to expose them to sunlight for long time.

Question: How to charge the product?

Answer: For products with button cell batteries, just replace the standard button cell batteries. For products powered by Li-Polymer battery, please charge them by standard USB power source with micro USB cable.

Question: How long is the service life of this product?

Answer: They last for 3-5 years.

Question: Why the surface not clear when I pushed the erase button?

Answer: First of all, make sure the erasing lock botton in un-locked position (check user manual). If still not good, please replace the button cell batteries or charge the built-in Li-Polymer battery. If still not working, please contact your retailer for support.

Question: How can I sync the content with my mobile phone?

Answer: For our wifi-enable models, you can sync by using Wicue App. For non wifi models, we recommend you to take pictures to save the works.

Question: How can I draw colorful lines on the surface?

Answer: At this moment, we can only provide single color version, colorful version is under development. Stay tune.

Question: Once it's charged, how long can it be used for?

Answer: Depending on usage, normally once charged, the product can be used for months.

Question: How to prevent the surface from being cleared by mistake?

Answer: Some of the models are with "Erasing Lock" function. Once it's locked, you can't use the erasing button to erase (but still write on the surface)

Question: Is the product waterproof?

Answer: If water is spilled to the surface of the product, just use soft wiper or tissue to clear it. Don't use it in rain or drop it to water.