It’s the first time for Wicue team to join the Paperworld exhibition (Sep 20-22, 2016, Shanghai, China). That’s the perfect chance to interact with hundreds of business people and experts from stationery and office supply industry.

Here’s what we learned from the show.

1.People like new things. “Oh, I’ve never seen anything like that.” Except for seeing old friends, visitors love to see new things in the show. Most of the visitors never see new things like Wicue e-writing board and they are excited by this new technology.


2.People like to try new things. Frankly speaking, Paperworld Shanghai is not a very crowded show. But Wicue booth is always filled with visitors and actually make it very difficult to get into our booth. Simply because visitors love to try on the e-writing board. They wrote on it, drew on it, and tried the one-click-erasing, and they got surprised.

3.Talents are everywhere if they are given the right tool. Some people can only draw circle or stars on the board, and some people can draw a beautiful picture in just 3 minutes. Little girl found a great place to bring out her creativity, and experience artist found it a good tool to make their job easier.


4.Create effective classroom, clean classroom, healthy classroom. That’s everyone wanted and that’s what Wicue e-Writing Board can do. That’s not what I said, that’s what experts told me in the fair, after they trying it.

5.Users need more functions. Can it have multi-color? Can I save it? Yes, yes, we heard that and noted. The e-Writing Board technology has great potential to do more. White background, multi-color, save and share, flexible form... We’ll surely do that in the near future.

We’ll be in Hongkong Electronics Fair and Mega Show Part II in Oct 2016. It’s our honor to see you there and hear from you.

HongKong show.jpg