Smart Liquid Crystal Tinting Helmets
  • Double lens design, solar chip, intelligent sensor and flexible liquid crystal dimming film
  • Intelligent dimming

  • Air permeability and anti fog

  • Anti light dazzle

  • Quick clip

  • ABS helmet

eShades®Smart Liquid Crystal Tinting Helmets
  • ——Double lens design

  • ——Solar chip

  • ——Flexible liquid crystal dimmer

  • ——Intelligent light sensor

  • 45° cover opening

  • front view

  • 45° closure

  • cover opening45°-2

1、 Intelligent LCD color changing film intelligent eye protection, clear and natural vision
The lens of the intelligent liquid crystal color changing helmet integrates the technology of intelligent liquid crystal color changing film, and at the same time, it cooperates with the intelligent photosensitive element to realize the automatic color change of the lens according to the light change. The color change takes only 0.1 seconds. The vision field is still clear and natural during the color changing process, and the wearer can hardly feel the change. Intelligent LCD color changing helmet can quickly and effectively deal with various environmental light, making your travel more secure.
2、 0.15 fast stepless dimming TM eliminates glare
——Respond quickly to light changes
——Color changes are clear and natural
——Block glare, strong light, stray light, clear vision
——Restore true color
3、 Intelligent liquid crystal dimming film automatic dimming HD anti fog
Select anti fogging materials, with intelligent liquid crystal dimming film, create automatic dimming, high-definition anti Qian helmet, never afraid of the sun and rain, glare.
4、 Efficient ventilation design, cool and natural in helmet
The helmet is equipped with multi-directional ventilation system to achieve ventilation effect by using air flow. In summer, the air inlet is used to introduce air, and the tail design is added above the air outlet, which produces negative pressure suction effect in the process of air flow, increases the air circulation capacity, and ensures the internal freshness of the helmet. The inlet and outlet of the ventilation duct can be closed, and the air inlet can be closed in winter to keep warm and comfortable.
5、 Removable and breathable lining with breathable material makes the head fresh and natural
The lining is made of comfortable and breathable mesh cotton material, which keeps the head fresh and natural at all times and refuses to be muggy. At the same time, the lining can be disassembled for easy cleaning.
Product size
note: manual measurement has 1-2cm error, the actual size is subject to the real object
  • Product brand: shades Product Model: vr-2031 < span > Product Type: barefaced helmet

  • Shell material: ABS < span > product weight: 1650 ± 50g   recommended size: M / L / XL / XXL

head circumference measurement method
Use a soft ruler to circle your head through the forehead and brow bone and the protuberance of the back, including hair. (as shown in the figure on the right) measure the exact degree of your head, and then buy the helmet according to your needs.

friendly tips
Motorcycle helmet should be close to the head and face for safety protection. Too loose is not recommended.
1. Knights who are accustomed to wearing spectacles can choose helmets two sizes larger than their actual size. < br / > 2. Knights with round faces and full faces can choose helmets larger than the actual size.
Company profile
Wicue Japan Co.Ltd Zhuhai Weiku Technology Co., Ltd. is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Zhuhai Weiku Technology Co., Ltd. It is a high-tech enterprise with the core of developing flexible LCD technology, flexible LCD color display, green building LCD film and mobile equipment flexible intelligent LCD photoelectric components. At present, the company's main products include sunglasses, snow glasses, helmets, windows, etc., and its technology is in the international leading level, holding more than 80 patents. Weiku is determined to become a global leader in the field of flexible liquid crystal display and a promoter of the change of the times.