Smart Liquid Crystal Tinting Ski Goggles
  • solar cells. intelligent light sensors.flexible liquid dimming films
  • intelligent light-switching

  • Anti-uv

  • Ultra wide view

  • antislip strip

  • Impact resistance

  • Antifogging and breathable

1.Overthrow traditional ski gogglesHistory-changing technologysolar cells. intelligent light sensors.flexible liquid dimming films
Lens utiltize the newest flexible liquid crystal dimming flims
intelligent light sensor, and solor cell providing users the perfectexperience that liquid crystal films swtiches light within 0.1second, easily dealing with various glaring lights
2.Smart liquid crystal dimming filmsSmart eye protection Clear and natural views
Smart liquid crystal dimming ski goggles use smartliquid crystal dimming film technology collocated withintelligent light sensor providing lenses changes colorbased on the environmental light and keeping the viewclear and natural. Uesers can hardly feel the changingand your view always remains true.
  • 1、0.1 Second Stepless Dimming SwitchEliminate dazzling light
    Rapid reaction to environmental light change
    clear natural color change
    Block glare, stronge, and stray light, provide clear view
    tolore true color
  • 2、Large cylindrical lenses provide wider view
    Utilize large cylindrical lensesMore broad view
    Obtain more comprehensive information when skiing
  • 3、Liquid crystal lens Super clear vision
    Clear and natural sight
     Feel more clear ice world
  • Double layered Intelligent protection
    Photochromic Block glare
    Double layered lenses secure full UV protection
  • Two-way antifogging loophole
    Promote air exchange between lensesand faces to prevent fogging
    Special antifogging materials provideextra protection against fogging
  • Triple layered sponge Fresh contact
    Speed dry of perspiration triple layeredantipruritic sponge
    Keep face always clean and comfortable
  • Elegant details Scientific design
    Full consideration of environmental factors
    Ensure users safe
Product display
Product parameters
  • Brand:shades

  • Name:intelligent liquid crystal snow mirror

  • No.:vr-2001

  • Frame material:TPU

  • Lens material: PC, liquid crystaldimming film

  • Weight:200g

  • Size:185MM*104MM

  • Application:skiing, climbing, cycling

  • Function : Light-initiated dimming ,clear and antifogging , impactresistance

Company Introduction
Zhuhai Wicue Technology Co Ltd is the subsidiary corporationof Shenzhen Wicue optoelectronics Co, Ltd, a high-tech enterprisefocusing on the development of flexible liquid crystal technology,flexible liquid crystal color displays, green building liquid crystalfilms, flexible smart liquid crystal photoelectric parts for mobile devices and comsume liquid crystal hard devices.For now, Wicue has a variety of products including sunglasses,ski goggles, helmets, automobile windows, and building windowsWicue's technology is leading the international level with more than80 patentsbe the global leader and pusher in the flexible liquid crystal display fieldWicue is strongly determined to be the global leader andpusher in the flexible liquid crystal display field and becomes thepusher of the innovation