Wicue Japan Overseas Company officially opened

1. Wicue Direct

As a Japanese sales company, Wicue Direct was established in Chuo-ku, Tokyo in July 2021. Chuo-ku is not only geographically located in 

the center of Tokyo, but also the core center of Japan’s economy, information, and commerce.

Wicue Direct mainly sells smart stepless dimming sunglasses and high-brightness LCD writing pads that can be dimmed instantly in 0.1 

seconds. In addition to sports models, smart stepless dimming sunglasses also have casual fashion models that can be worn at  ordinary 

times, as well as Bluetooth smart glasses. At present, ski goggles are about to go on sale this quarter. The follow-up large-scale dimming 

liquid crystal film will also be completed in 2022, and construction materials that can be used as car rear windows and sun visors are also 

in the sales plan.

Wicue Direct, as the official designated window of Wicue Japan, we will serve every customer with heart.

2. Team


高橋 茂樹



巴山 泰治





3. Contact

Address: 103-0006, 16-9, Tomisawa, Nihonbashi, Chuo-ku, Tokyo

Phone number: 03-6458-3033

Contact: Li Wanxia

Email: liwanxia@wicue.jp